Tuesday, November 03, 2009



O Jesus,
How I love you near me.
I feel your presence deep within me.
You remove my fears and worries,
I understand how much you love me.
Your love knows no limits,
For it sets no boundaries.

O Jesus,
How real you are to me.
Though at times you hide from me.
Stand on the side or asleep on my boat,
 I ride mighty waves to keep myself afloat.

O Jesus,
Your words are true, they console me.
You came to fill lives that are empty
You showed us how to suffer, and
how to live and  be happy.

O Jesus,
You are  the Sun shining bright.
You are so near and yet so far,
Feeling your warmth from afar,
Realizing the Sun is far above.

And like your apostles I asked,
“Lord, where do you stay?”
And with St. Paul you  replied,
“Search within you, my  little one.
My holy presence, deep within you.
Always present and abiding.”

O blessed solitude!
Our place of meeting away from creatures.
O blessed silence!
The language you hear above all others.
O humility!
The hidden face you recognize.
O purity!
The air you breathe in this secret place.

O Jesus,
Be with me even for just a while.
To be with you is so worthwhile.
I will be happy, my spirit will soar
With you alone and nothing more.

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