Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Caught on the Spot!

Just before leaving Church after the 9:00 am Mass last Tuesday, I was approached by a Religious Ed teacher in my pew.  "Sister, I hate to put you on the spot but I have a group of third graders who want to meet you.  We've been discussing about religious life, and about priests and nuns, and they saw you in your habit!  Can you talk to them for a few minutes and take questions?"  Well, all I can say was, "yes, of course!"  The kids looked at me with curiosity and there were about 20 plus of them.  Some of their parents were present.  I put on my "kids hat" and they began to look at ease.  I spoke to them about the topics their teacher wanted me to talk about: What  is a Sister?  Why do I wear a habit? What do Sisters do?  What is my day like?  As I began to relax, I found that it was pretty exciting!  Then the questions came pouring in!  "Where do you sleep, in bunk beds?"  "No, we sleep in our own room.  We need to be alone so we can pray and read, and do our own work, without being disturbed."  Why do you wear your uniform?" "I wear mine to show people that I belong to Jesus.  If I didn't wear my habit -that's what we call it- you wouldn't have recognized me and I would not be speaking to you right now, right?"  "What kind of sports do you play?"  "Well, the Sisters like to play basketball, Wii, ping-pong."  "What do you like?"  "I like to play Scrabble."  "Do you get to see your family?"  "Yes.  I visit my family in California every year.  I also visit my other family here in New Jersey.  Once a week I get a day-off."  "What happens if you decide not to go back to where you live when you're here?"  "Hmmm.. I think that will be a big problem, wouldn't it?"
The children seem to be enjoying putting me on the spot until the teacher had to intervene and said, "Okay, one more question.  We'll let Sister have her day-off!"
I never thought I would enjoy it!  It sure was fun.  The teacher seemed to be content with how things  went and suggested I should be a teacher!  The lesson of the story is:  You just don't know what God will ask of you from one moment to the next!

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