Friday, July 25, 2014


"It seems to me that I have found my heaven on earth for heaven is God, and God is in my soul... I live in the heaven of faith in the center of my soul. Faith alone can give us genuine light on Him whom we love. It is faith which floods our inner being with all spiritual blessings.. faith gives us God even in this life, veiled it is true, but nonetheless God Himself. When we have learned to believe in God's excessive love for us, it may be said that we are made strong by the very sight of Him who is "invisible." We no longer stops at tastes or feelings. We care little whether we feel God present or not, whether He gives us joy or pain; the more we are tried the stronger grows our faith, because we over-leap, so to speak, all obstacles to find our rest in the bosom of Infinite love.. I confide to you that it is this intimacy with Him which has been the bright sunshine lighting up my life, making it already an anticipated heaven. It is what upholds me today in my suffering. I am not afraid of my weakness, in fact it is what gives me confidence, for the mighty God is in me and He is all powerful, powerful enough to carry out His purpose beyond all our hopes and dreams." - Bl. Elizabeth

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