I toss in bed tonight,
what can be wrong?
I cannot go to sleep,
Is something wrong?
I turned and saw your picture,
your eyes beholding me.
And then I thought in silence,
You long for company.

I sat beside my bed,
in silence just sitting near.
The Cross of Christ so silent,
and yet, o how so near!
And so I passed in silence,
the hours you want me near.
watching, loving, consoling,
O Jesus keep me here!

O Mary,
If I can pluck all of nature’s flowers,
And spread their fragrance upon your altars,
And weave you garlands not made by hands
To adorn your beautiful countenance,
Or gather a court of faithful witness,
To render you songs of angelic voices,
Somehow I feel they are as nothing
To give you justice and express all my longings.
Words do not go so far enough
To best express the sighs of one’s heart.
What a comfort this knowledge brings
That in your heart our cries can find a ring.
Today as I honor and think of you
This simple tribute for now will do.

O Mary,
My Queen and Mother too!
How so very much I love you!

 Saint Helena of the Cross
Feast Day:  August 18

Saint Helena of the Cross
Your story's seldom told.
The wonders you accomplished
Telling signs of God's goodness.
Ardent love for God you founded
Wondrous churches to be marveled.
Proofs of love and burning zeal
Of a woman so enamored.
Found your throne of dignity
Shown in Christian charity.

Inn-keeper's daughter with station low
Couldn't hide the beauty of soul aglow.
Roman officer's gaze on thou bestowed
Took you in marriage of royal bliss.
Providence declared that you be Queen
Anointing your son, the Great Constantine.
Defending your land from enemies around
A vision of the Cross flashed on the clouds!
"By this you shall conquer!" The promise rang out.

Marching to this banner, full of courage, a crusader
Opened wide the gates down under
for Christianity to enter.

In the silence of your chamber,
rest content in your slumber,
it came to you as a vision.
The wooden cross of our redemption.

It sent you off with zealous passion,
to find the Cross of Crucifixion.

Scoured the earth in tireless mission,
until the day of revelation went beyond
your expectation.
For lo, behold, before your eyes,
The Cross of Jesus Crucified!

Saint Helena, my prayer!
Give me a share of this passion rare.
Pour in my heart the ardent zeal
Which brought Jesus ever so near.
Obtain for me the Cross to embrace,
Persevering, unafraid, though I might
fall under its weight.
Armed with faith and love for Him,
Always ready to begin.
Giving proofs of charity until
His love transforms me.

When toil is done and evening's here,
To His throne I'll confidently steer.

Behold before me lies!
Eternal triumph of our Christ,
Who long ago was crucified.


White Host set in tabernacle gold,
Real Presence no eye can behold,
Called down from heaven by priestly words,
His name is Jesus, Savior long foretold.

What love our Savior has for us,
To make himself a prisoner of love.
Asking for nothing but giving everything
Dwelling in silence, patiently waiting.

My soul, awaken!
DO you hear him sighing?
The God of heaven,
For your love is thirsting.

O Jesus,
how often we have neglected you.
Distracted by the works we have to do.
Missing those moments,
We could have spent with you.

Lord my God, in the tabernacle
You are always there.
If only we find few moments to spare.
Returning the love that keeps you there
A Prisoner for us whom you hold so dear.

by Sister Helena of Mary, O.Carm

The Salve Regina Hour

Mount Carmel's sides are tall and steep
And bright with many a flower;
But not too steep for the Turk to climb
At the Salve Regina Hour.

The sun sank down in the Western sea,
Sank down in his blood-red bower,
But not so red as the choir stalls
At the Salve Regina Hour.

"We heard the tinkling of sword and spear
Like the Vesper bell's brittle shower.
And the breathing of horses that rode from dawn
To the Salve Regina Hour.

"Some Christian knights are come," we said,
"To mingle their voices with ours,
To pray for the weal of the Savior's tomb
At the Salve Regina Hour."

But the Turks rushed in with their scimitars
In a flashing tide of power,
And butchered the hermits as they sang
At the Salve Regina Hour.

"We pray you, brethren, to think of us
Whom the sword has sought to devour.
To finish the song that we once began
At the Salve Regina Hour.

Fr. Joachim Smet, O.Carm

February 5, 1938

O Faith!
You are so beautiful!
The invisible ladder
Bringing us God from heaven.
You are the mystery,
Soothing the wounds
Of our laboring way.
The precious pearl so well hid
Possessions of this world can't bid.
I pry to possess you,
To beg God of you
But you are so elusive,
Unless one be simple and true.
O Faith!
How beautiful you are!
Through you I find God in all.

Sr. Helena of Mary, O.Carm
September 20,1997

To be a spouse of Christ
is wonderful indeed.
The love I will receive and
love that I will give.
To know I am beloved,
chosen and set apart.
I sat and paused to think
on this my happy lot.
And then I realize the hidden
meaning it imparts.

The day I take You for my Spouse
Will be the day I take my vows.
To be with You in good and bad,
To share Your fame , share Your shame,
And leave my all for You who is ALL.

I must admit this thought is much
For someone who has a fickle heart.
But faith dictates, I must believe.
You gave Your life for the very least.

With the Virgin Mary at my side
Who's there to lead me and to guide.
She'll spur me on to live the life
And bring me safe to Mount Carmel's heights.

Sr. Helena of Mary, O.Carm
October 5, 1997

Beneath your gaze, O Lord,
I sit in quiet and peace.
My soul is still and silent,
Like an infant on her mother's lap.
Release the image you have carved,
When I was still in my mother's womb.
Liken it to the Divine Image who
long ago walked this earth.
Let no cross oppress me,
No consolations preoccupy me.
Let my heart find its
repose in YOU.

Sr. Helena of Mary, O.Carm

My soul, you ask,
"who can separate me from
the love of God?"
Is it lack of observance?
Is it the bad example of others?
Or these terrible distractions you find in my heart?
No, I say.
"Nothing can separate me from Jesus,
Except my will that goes astray!

For Jesus is near even in adversities.
He is near when the mind cannot grasp,
the reason for things.
He is near when my heart does not
stay peacefully still.
When I wish the waves would not
be so tall and frightening.

O my Jesus!
I know why at times you
are so silent!
When you see but choose not
to intervene.
When the light you provide
is extinguished for a while.
And yet, I can say that
you are near.
When late at night I feel
that I am dear.
When the Blessed Virgin seems
so near.
And the thought of heaven
gives me a thrill!

I understand one has to suffer,
I understand that love must be proven.
I desire to endure all things for you.
To aspire for the fulfillment
of my bold desires.
But always in patience, humility and peace.

Jesus, I will keep my heart
in peace.
To live with joy because
I belong to you.
To keep myself in silence
and peace.
To remember always that you
loved me first.
And desire so much that
I be with you.

What can separate me from
Jesus my God?
None whatsoever!
For I am well loved!

Sr. Helena of Mary, O.Carm

O Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament
My God and my All, my Best Friend
To me, dear Lord, the grace impart
To be a Religious according to Thy Heart.
A true Carmelite of solitude, silence and prayer,
Self daily denying, crosses with joy may I bear.
Help me to be obedient, humble and meek,
Earthly things despise, Thy love alone seek,
Happy when abused, slighted, unknown,
Doing all with love, to please Thee alone.
Never to complain or self to defend,
Imitating Thy silence, my Model and Friend.
Help me never to fail in Rule or in Charity,
And carefully avoid least sin or infidelity,
Thus serving Thee on earth faithfully,
With Mary and the Saints may
I love and praise Thee in heaven eternally.

Mother Angeline Teresa, O.Carm
Foundress, Carmelite Sisters

At the dawn of life God created me.
From the womb of darkness He released me.
This wonderful world of life He gave me.
Drawing me close to His reality.

At the noon of life God hid Himself from me.
To the creatures around He abandoned me.
Casting His gaze from the distance only,
Seemingly absent, disengaged from all my worries.

In the evening of life God will come to find me.
All my questions will then cease to be.
Faith will find the light,
Hope will find its rest,
And the lover will find her beloved!

I see His Blood upon the rose
And in the stars the glory of His eyes
His Body gleams amid eternal snows
His tears fall from the skies.

I see His face in every flower
His voice is thunder and the singing of the birds
And carven by His power
Rocks are but His written words.

All pathways by His feet are worn
His strong Heart stirs the ever beating sea
His crown of thorns is twined with every thorn
His Cross is every tree.

(Joseph Mary Plunkett)


I asked God to take away my pride,
and God said, "No."
He said, it was not for Him to take away,
but for me to give up.

I asked God to make my handicapped child whole,
and God said, "No"
He said her spirit is whole, her body temporary.

I asked God to grant me patience,
and God said, "No"
He said that patience is a by-product of tribulation,
It isn't granted, it is earned.

I asked God to give me happiness,
and God said "No"
He said he gives blessings, happiness is up to me.

I asked God to make my spirit grow,
and God said, "No"
He said I must grow on my own,
but He will prune me to make me fruitful.

I asked God to spare me pain,
and God said "No"
He said sufferings draw me apart from worldly cares,
and brings me closer to Him.

I asked God if He loved me,
and God said, "Yes"
He gave me His only Son who died for me,
and I will be in heaven someday because I believe.

I asked God to help me love others, 
as much as He loves me,
and God said, "Ah, finally, you have the idea."

(Jaime Cardinal Sin)


As I feel the air gets cooler
And watch the sun sets sooner,
With trees once full of colors
Now bare and stripped of power.
Remind me well summer is over
Christmastime, just around the corner!

Bright lights all around me
Cast their spell on many.
Christmas trees decked in beauty,
Wreaths of holly, Rudolph and Frosty,
Now on TV!

Warms thoughts of family,
Friendly smiles and love 'round me.
Heralding one reality,
The little Child born of Mary.

O Jesus-Child, Word of the Father,
A mystery from all eternity.
Now conceived, made incarnate,
Born in our time from the womb of Immaculate.

Long expected hope of many,
Child-Redeemer, Relief of the needy.
Thought to come in royal majesty,
Revealed instead in utter poverty,
In that stable poor and filthy,
With the animals attending thee.

On that silent night,
When the world was busy,
Isaiah's prophecy came to be!
O what joy this world has known,
At last! God's promise was shown.

What more for us to long for?
Heaven itself promised to the faithful.

Infant King you humbled yourself.
You left your majesty for love of me.
Accept my offering made in poverty.
Myself, Child-Jesus, only for thee.
In life and death to give you glory.
Always aided by your Mother Mary.

 A graveyard full of dead-fallen leaves,
With the earth standing still.
Nothing, nothing for the senses,
Save for the gentle sway of color-filled branches.

All of creation, in transformation,
Gentle breezes on dancing branches,
Giving proof to the presence,
Of a Presence.

My heart is lulled to slumber,
This peaceful silence, oblivious to surroundings,
Demanding a hearing...
A silent heart hears ... Only a silent heart can hear.

A harmony of movements -
Tree-top branches gently swaying.
Weathered branches softly bending,
No ripple seen on silky waters.

But the heart perceives something-
Or Someone .. in the silence.

"O send me the Spirit!
I will be lifted up with His power!"
 How can you say, "Send me the Spirit?"
When He is there abiding even in His silence?

Enter... Enter
Enter... Within!
He is there... waiting!

Faith will grasp Him,
Love will capture Him.