Welcome to Carmel

Mount Carmel is a mountain range in the Holy Land dear to the hearts of all Carmelites.  It is the cradle of our history and spirituality.  It was the home of St. Elijah, our spiritual father and inspiration to all Carmelites.  It is a symbol of life and beauty, silence and solitude.  It was in Mt. Carmel that the first hermits erected an Oratory dedicated to St. Mary of Mount Carmel.  Mary, along with Elijah,  became the pillars of the Carmelite way of life.  Many centuries later, long after the hermits left Mt. Carmel, Carmelites have kept this ideal place in their hearts and frequently returned there in spirit to savor the sweetness of God's inspirations.  I write about our way of life and inspirations heard in the gentle whispering voice of God, heard and pondered, in one's heart.

 I invite you to browse around this site and explore the pages dedicated to our Carmelite Saints and Blessed. You may also enjoy the different links to publications, websites, Carmelite blogs and videos. I hope you enjoy your time here! Graces and blessings! 

Ruins of the original Carmelite monastery of Latin hermits in Mount Carmel