Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Cry of the Unborn (A Heart that Beats in the Night)

His voice is silent
His eyes are closed.
His mouth is tiny
Unacquainted with words.
His arms are crossed
His legs are bent
As he sleeps secure
Under God’s loving gaze.

  A little heart that's made for love,
  A mind so fashioned to know God,
  A body well formed though tiny
A holy sanctuary of the Trinity.

God Almighty,
You live and dwell in a temple tiny
Allowing yourself to be a victim of many
Destroying this temple made so holy
All in the name of so called “mercy.”

(Voice of a Child)
“What have I done to deserve your fury?
Why is this anger in the hearts of many?
What will I do to receive your mercy?
What can I give that I may live?

As I wait in silence my destiny,
  Of a joy that may never be.

Of loving faces I may never see,
  Expecting the freedom hailed by many,
But never really to be given me.

My Father in heaven,

Your will has made me.
In my mother’s womb,

you have fashioned me.
Hear my silent, frightened plea,
Send someone who will fight for  me.

For I am so alone against the very many.