Sunday, August 09, 2009

Summer Fun

My summer vacation turned out to be relaxing and fun. I finally was able to go whale watching which was the big plan I had this summer. It was pretty amazing to see the whales out in the wild! It was a big treat to see them do some tricks for the spectators! Cape Cod was so beautiful that day and everything was just perfect. I got a little sea-sick, but a nice woman offered me her "travel tablets" for motion sickness and they helped me a lot. The week went quickly with visits to a whale museum in New Bedford, visit to Nantucket Island, visiting lighthouses, learning how to swim at the lake in the back of the summer house, watching videos at night, etc. I had a wonderful time. I didn't have the chance to go out boating which I would have wanted to do or walk the beach at sunset, but overall I had a wonderful and memorable summer. Spending quality time together with family was also the best. Blessed be God in all His gifts!

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