Tuesday, December 07, 2010

To My Little King

As I feel the air gets cooler
And watch the sun set sooner,
Trees once full of color,
Now bare, stripped of power.
Remind me well Fall is over,
And Christmas just around the corner.

The bright lights all around me
Cast their spell on many.
Christmas trees decked with beauty,
Wreaths of holly, Rudolph, Frosty,
Are now on your TV!

Gifts and letters, thoughts of family,
Friendly smiles and love around me,
Heralding one reality...
The little Child born of Mary.

Jesus-Child, Word of the Father,
You are mystery from all eternity.
Now conceived, made incarnate,
Born in our time, from the womb
of the Immaculate.

Long expected hope of many,
Child-Redeemer, Relief of the needy.
Thought to come in royal majesty,
Instead, revealed in utter poverty,
On that stable poor and filthy,
With those animals attending thee.

O silent night! When the world was busy,
Isaiah's prophecy came to be.
O what joy this has known,
At last, God's Promise has been shown!
What more for us to long for?
Except heaven itself promised to the simple.

Infant King, you humbled yourself,
For the love of me you left your majesty.
Accept this offering made in poverty,
Child-Jesus, myself, only for thee,
In life and death to give you glory,

Aided by your Mother Mary.

(by Sister Helena of Mary)

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