Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Saint Peter Thomas

Feast Day:  January 8th

The Carmelite Order celebrates the feast of St. Peter Thomas on the 8th of January.  St. Peter is probably known only in the Order.  He had a most significant contribution within the Order and lived an illustrious role in Carmel:

"Born about 1305 in southern Perigord in France, Peter Thomas entered the Carmelites when he was twenty-one.  He was chosen by the Order as its procurator general to the Papal Court at Avignon in 1345.  After being made bishop of Patti and Lipari in 1354, he was entrusted with many Papal missions to promote peace and unity with the Eastern Churches.  He was translated to the see of Corone in the Peloponnesus in 1359 and made Papal Legate for the East.  In 1363 he was appointed Archbishop of Crete and in 1364 Latin Patriarch of Constantinople.  He won a reputation as an apostle of church unity before he died at Famagosta on Cyprus in 1366."

Lord,  you inspired in your bishop St Peter Thomas an intense desire to promote peace and Christian unity.
Following his example may we live steadfast in the faith and work perseveringly for peace. We ask this through Christ our Lord.
(Carmelite Liturgy of the Hours)

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