Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pardon my ignorance!

I am not a political person in the sense that i don't wake up and go to bed following the recent political debates. I do keep myself informed of developments so I can pray about it and be involved in whatever way proper to my state in life. I get criticized a lot because I am not vocal about many things. But not engaging in political altercations does not mean indifference. I care about issues, especially life issues, otherwise I would not have dedicated my whole life to the care of the elderly and caring for the sick. But I know my limitations and I know my place. God calls us in different ways and he has gifted each of us in different ways. I am not advocating apathy and indifference, but I cannot sympathize with someone who sees only one way to tackle an issue. Take for example the death of Senator Ted Kennedy. We all know his life, his views, his sins and flaws. We resent the irony of proclaiming himself Catholic and at the same time doing all the things which go against Catholic moral teaching. But with his death, can't we just leave him alone and leave to God the judgment of his soul? Must we tear down the grief of the family and hold suspect all the tribute given him as politically motivated? Sometimes excessive zeal can blind people! Let us respect the dead and allow the family to grieve as they must. We all have to face before the tribunal of God and give an account of our lives on earth. He will do so now and let God do the judging. I may sound naive and simplistic. I leave that judgment to the politically savvy people.


  1. It is true Sister, we all have our own roles given to us by God on what our duties are and where we focus our attention, that is the very reason our reactions are different to specific circumstances. Being involved in the prolife movement for 36 years, toiling at what seems insurmountable odds, with everything and everyone against us, the Catholic Church has been my biggest persecutor and obstacle, and I am not alone. So, when, once again, the Church turns a blind eye to the issue of life, and allows this public scandal with a public funeral Mass for one of the most notoriously anti-life politicians we were up against, by honoring him in this manner, it hurts, it hurts and it is wrong. The general intentions at the Mass were nothing more than a litany of pro-death and gay rights legislative wishlist. What a mockery to our Lord, our church and to life itself. This is profound, this sets a precedent to all the other numerous Catholic Pro-abortion politicians that we toil to defeat and who's eternal salvation is at risk. It sends a terrible message that it is OK, to be Catholic and pro-choice. It makes our job harder. If the Kennedy's wanted peace in this time of mourning they would have opted for a private funeral, which is what it should have been per canon law anyway. Instead it was a political show, that gave just one more platform to individuals who think it is ok to murder children. How sad that that platform was the Catholic Church. Maybe you have to work in the trenches to understand that....In the words of Fr. Tom Euteneuer of Human Life International, "He will not be missed by the unborn who he betrayed time and time again, nor by the rest of us who are laboring to undo the scandalous example of Catholicism that he gave to three generations of Americans."

  2. I understand your sentiments but I disagree on the premise I would rather err on the side of kindness. If I have to fail in anything let it be on the side of kindness. The mercy of God is all encompassing, both the victim and the perpetrator. Your dedication is commendable and your zeal praiseworthy.

  3. Dear Sister,
    With all due respect,
    I read your post yesterday and I too am deeply distressed at the attention given Mr Kennedy.His family and friends did use his funeral as a political agenda and it is a scandal that the Catholic church was part of it. I can certainly "Pardon ignorance", but must we also Pardon the Truth? Ted Kennedy was technically excommunicated from the church because of his views and participation in abortion. He should never have received a Catholic funeral mass, and all the priests and religious involved in his so called Catholic mass will have to face the same judgment at the gates of Heaven. I too pray for God's Mercy on their souls, but the Catholic church has had enough scandal and shouldn't be condoning these "Cafeteria Catholics" who pick and choose what they want to believe and practice. As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord! And be faithful to the Magisterium.
    I also believe The mercy of God is all encompassing, (thank Goodness, Praise be to God!). But the Truth must be told and when, once again, the Church turns a blind eye to the issue of life allowing this public scandal with a public funeral Mass for one of the most notoriously anti-life politicians we were up against, by honoring him in this manner, it is wrong.
    My prayer is that God will have mercy on us all and send us priests that will stand up for what is right and true.
    God bless you sister!

  4. Theresa,

    No one is denying the truth and no one is condoning sin. His record certainly testify to his own behalf. You're right, Mr. Kennedy by his actions "ex-communicated" himself from the teachings of the Church, but since the Pope has not done so in solemn pronouncement, neither will I. Truth is definitely to be defended in season and out but always tempered by charity. I respect your opinion but I stand by mine. Thanks.

  5. I know Sister from your posts you are very kind. However, I believe, sending mixed messages as to what the church believes is uncharitable. Kennedy deserves the mercy of god just like the rest of us. His eternal salvation did not hinge on a public vs private funeral. However, the souls of those he left behind, those still confused about life issues...His family, politicians, Catholics and the world that was watching, deserved to see a Catholic Church stand up for life, by giving him a private funeral instead of a political one and in charity explaining why. Sadly pro-choice Catholics will be emboldened by this. I for one will continue to err on the side of the unborn, as 4000 are scheduled be ripped from their mothers wombs today. I honestly cant think of anything more unkind than that. The Pope is not required to make an announcement of automatic excommunication, because the norms are already laid forth by the church. Many have been denied a Catholic Public funeral without the permission of the Pope. It is very clear, no public funeral that will give scandal. I cant think of a more scandalous funeral than this one. It makes the Church look wishy washy when it comes to those with status and money. I do think we need to stick to Canon law, even if the last name is Kennedy.