Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Back Where It All Began

  St. Teresa's Motherhouse, grounds

The Retreat House with St Therese of the Child Jesus Statue

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, At the Entrance 

St. Teresa's Chapel

Overlooking the Hudson River

St. Teresa of Jesus, Foreground

Melting Snow in the Woods

I received a call early this week from one of our Sisters informing me that I'm being transferred.  For those of you who may not be familiar with a Sister's life this requires a little explanation.  Among the religious vows I professed when I became a Sister is the Vow of Obedience.  This means that I have given my will to another person (in this case my Superior) who represents the person of Christ.  Part of that sacrifice is the willingness to accept the call to be assigned in whatever place and in whatever capacity the Congregation calls me to serve.  Of course, the Religious Community takes into account one's talents and skills, and these play a part in the decision making.  It's not unusual though that one be called to do something one was not trained to do.  The training will come later.  This is where I find myself at this time.  I will be leaving my present nursing home assignment as a Nurse and is transferring back to the Motherhouse in Germantown, New York, where it all began for me.  The Motherhouse is the home of the Superior General and her Council members (kind of like the White House), our Formation House where our Postulants and Novices are trained, and home to some of our retired and elderly Sisters.  Every year we make our Retreat at the Motherhouse.  This place is the cradle of every Sister's religious life.  This is the place where we all entered from, where we took our fist steps as Sisters and pronounced our vows for the first time.  I still will have some nursing responsibilities  as far as taking care of our older Sisters but will also be doing something entirely foreign to me:  Human Resources!  It will be a new page in my religious life.  But I know that God will not give me something I cannot handle with His help.  I love the Motherhouse and I love the Sisters who are there and I am looking forward being with them again.  Not to mention the beautiful grounds, the silence, and the prayers  that are always there to enjoy.  Pray for me!


  1. of course you are in my prayer with your move. you will be wonderful in this new job as you miss what you are leaving.... when do you move? God Bless all your Days :)

  2. I move April 10th. Thanks for the prayers, Cath.

  3. Although your responsibilities will be new, it all sounds rather exciting...I'm sure you will be wonderful with your new assignment.

    I'm an RN also, although I don't practice at the present time. I loved caring for the elderly. It is nice you will be able to continue that aspect even if it is on a limited basis.

    You will be in my prayers particularly as it draws close to the time of your move.

    God bless you Sister.