Saturday, May 01, 2010

Landing Day!

May 1st is the anniversary of my entrance to Carmel.  St. Joseph is a big personality in Carmel and so I am honored to claim his day as my "landing day."  Thirteen years of Religious life went fast and I still very much remember the day I left home and took the trip to Germantown, NY.  Many things happened since then.  I have been stationed in Ireland, Pennsylvania and New York.  I have met many good friends, met many residents and been touched and formed by many experiences.  Thirteen years are short years of giving back what I owe God for all the good He has done for me.  In fact, we will never be able to repay Him fully whatever we do in this life.  It has been a blessed and rich life for me.  I am forever grateful for having been called to Carmel.

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