Friday, July 30, 2010

Pope John Paul II

Apostolic Letter Of His Holiness John Paul II To The Very Reverend 
Father Felipe Sainz De Baranda Superior General Of The Order Of
The Discalced Brothers Of The Blessed Virgin Mary Of Mount Carmel
On The Occasion Of The IV Centenary Of The Death Of 
Saint John Of The Cross, Doctor Of The Church 

I Introduction
1. Master in the faith and witness to the living God, Saint John of the Cross
is present in the memory of the Church, especially today as we celebrate the
IV Centenary of his passing to glory, which took place on 14 December 1591,
when he was called from his convent of Ubeda to the house of the Father.
The Church finds joy in attesting to the abundant fruits of holiness and
wisdom  that this her son continues to bear through the example of his life
and the light of his writings. Indeed, his person and his teachings draw the
interest of people from the most diverse religious and cultural surroundings. He understands them and speaks to the deepest aspirations of the human
person and of the believer. Therefore, I cherish  the hope that this jubilee
celebration may serve to increase the luster of his central message—
the theological life in faith, hope and love—and to make it more widely
known.  Full Article

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