Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blessed Denis and Redemptus, Carmelite Martyrs

 OCD:  Memorial
O.Carm: Optional Memorial

The Carmelite Order celebrates the memorial of Blessed Denis and Redemptus, martyrs of the Order on November 29th.
Denis was born at Hornfleur in France on 12th December 1600. He served as a cartographer and naval captain for the kings of France and Portugal, but in 1635 he became a Discalced Carmelite in Goa, India. Some years earlier, in 1615, the Portuguese, Thomas Rodriguez de Cunha (born in 1598) had made his own profession as a lay brother in the same house, taking the name in religion of Redemptus of the Cross. The two of them were sent to the island of Sumatra in Indonesia and there, on 29th November 1638, they were martyred near the city of Achen, giving the ultimate witness to their faith in Christ. They were beatified by Pope Leo XIII on 10th June 1900.

(Carmelite Ordo)

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