Sunday, January 09, 2011

It's Been a While

It was pretty ambitious of me to try to maintain 4 blogs! I thought I could pull it off but then I noticed that this site has not seen the light of day since October.  I am inclined to write more on my Mount Carmel blog than on this one.  But nevertheless, here I am again.  The Northeast is still recovering from the major snow storms which descended upon us.  I have never done so many long distance driving since this winter.  The other day I attended a funeral service in Allentown, PA and it was a terrible trip.  The early commute was just the time when the snow started falling and the night before,  I was debating with myself whether to go ahead with my plan or not.  But guilt prevailed over common sense and so there I was along the many cars crawling along West 46, West 78 and US 22 to Allentown, PA.  My wipers had no sympathy for me and it was a strain to see where I was going.  Incidentally the night before my brother asked me if I had good windshield wipers for the trip and I readily said, "Oh yeah, they're good!"  I spoke too soon.  But the weather cleared up in PA by the  afternoon.  I had plans to return to Germantown, NY but the storm was already headed there  creating a lot of problems with snow and very poor visibility according to the forecast.  So I decided to stay in NJ overnight  and providentially  because one of the Sisters called me later on informing me that Germantown was closed off to non-emergency transportation.
I finally made it to the Motherhouse the day after and when I drove up the driveway, this was the scene  I saw..

How beautiful! The brightness of the white snow on trees and grounds was breathtaking. I pulled over on the side and took more photos:

Admiring the beauty around me,  I marveled at  how something unpleasant, terrible and dangerous as a snow storm, could produce something beautiful as this.  It drove home once again one of life's lessons- everything is grace.  That darkness gives way to light.  That good can come out of something bad.  What a beautiful reminder!

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