Saturday, January 17, 2009

Carmelite of Jesus

I rose from bed this morn of day
Nighttime sleep I shook away.
I lift my heart, my mind, my eyes
My loving Spouse waiting for me.
In the tabernacle of the sanctuary
Our dear Chapel not so far away.
I walked the silence of convent halls
And peeked outside the convent property.
Wondering if the sun breaks out today?
They said last night it'll be a nice day.

I have to get ready for today is Sunday,
The flowers in chapel arranged beautifully.
The altar’s vessels, prepared and ready,
The book of readings set for our liturgy.

Ah! How I love the silence around me!
I think and pray with Jesus and Mary.
Dispel all anxieties, forget my worries,
Trusting in faith in God’s generosity.

I think of my Sisters in our Community,
Noticing the burdens each has to carry.
Daily sacrifices of tired minds and bodies
Bouquets of roses for Jesus and Mary.

All our shared joys and happy occasions,
Religious professions and celebrations.
Memories remembered bring down blessings
Spiritual gifts keep us faithful and going
Journeying together,hoping,believing.

Carmelite of Jesus- the vocation God gave me.
Busy about giving God his glory.
Insignificant toils enough to make me weary
I know will please Jesus if I do them lovingly.

Carmelite of Jesus is mother to all souls.
With her Beloved she carries them all.
The aged and infirm in our ministry
Carmelite of Jesus brings to prayers daily.

Thank you, Lord, for the love you gave me.
I know in my heart I am not worthy.
Still your love which you bestow on me
Draws me to your presence so confidently.

Mary, thank you, for guiding me
Down through the years of life’s anxieties.
You came to my aid in many hidden ways
Assuring many times you are never far away.
A gaze, a prayer and whispered plea,
Your motherly care always there for me.

Carmelite of Jesus is a favored soul.
Our Savior’s partner in saving souls.
Christ the King extends His Cross to
His chosen soul who wishes to follow Him.

Faithful Carmelite this I long to be
Following the footsteps of those called before me.
Trusting in God’s grace I know he will help me.
My own strength alone will never sustain me.

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