Thursday, July 23, 2009

Out in the Rain

This is one of those days you would wanna be home and be toasty. But it wasn't meant to be. In the pouring rain and gushing winds, I drove Sister to visit another Sister in the hospital and to pick up another who was being discharged from the hospital. Does that sound confusing? That hospital is unbelievably large! We had a little difficulty finding it and when we did, it was a real test of patience. It was such a busy place we felt like we were in a train station with car traffic and pedestrians coming from different directions. The parking garage was full and roped in many places for some kind of renovation. I ended up on the roof top with the heavy rain coming down in buckets. Thank God I found the umbrella placed in the trunk. It was a huge one which probably could have sheltered 5 - 6 people. In the process of taking things from the passenger seat, I put my umbrella down for a minute to get myself together, only to find it running away from me, and myself running after it! Walking through the lobby and hallways of the hospital was like walking in a mall. But God always provides. He sent us a hospital volunteer who took us to the Unit where Sister was admitted. It made it so much easier and quicker with her helping us out. In the course of the conversation, this nice young woman was "recruited" to visit our facility and volunteer. "I have always been around nuns!" she blurted.
Sister is still not out of the woods and we only stayed a short time. By the time we finished our second round of hospital visit, the rain had stopped and we were home by 7:00 pm. Now let's see what God has in store tomorrow...

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