Saturday, July 11, 2009

When "Good People" Get Tired of the Good..

Do you ever have days when you get tired of always doing good? Days when you don't want to get up for prayers, or you want to let others pick up garbage off the hallway, or not fake a smile when you feel rotten inside, or other things "good people" are expected to do? It's even worse if you're a Sister! Sometimes I'm so tempted to just be.. But then again I remember that these are the times when true love of God is really tested. This is an opportunity to grow in holiness, to overcome selfish tendencies and truly "die to self so as to live for God." I try not to count my good deeds because I remember the words of Scriptures: "He whom you serve is the Lord (not men)." and another "Your life is hidden now with God." We all struggle to conform our lives to the Will of God. Our Christian baptism came with strings attached, whether we like it or not!

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