Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blessing or Curse?

photo courtesy: Facebook

What responses have you received when people find out you're on Facebook? For my part, I have received one of admiration (because they think I'm so smart working a computer!), surprise (because they don't think nuns are into this thing), and encouragement (because they think I'm doing the work of new evangelization). It has become a blessing having met good and devout friends. I am able to share my faith journey with some and it's a joy to know that I can reach out to others in a positive way using this medium. It is humbling to experience strangers opening themselves up to a fellow stranger. But then again that is probably the reason why they do it. There is the distance and anonymity which can make people more open. I still consider it a blessing. It can become a curse for sure. I find I sit longer in front of a computer than I used to. I find that I am lagging behind reading books I plan to finish. I also find that one can indulge in "empty talks" over the internet. So, I guess just like with any other pastime, balance and detachment are needed.

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