Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Inspiring Thoughts On Carmel

"I have carefully studied the principal Religious Orders and none satisfies me well, my needs, my desires, and my tastes as does the Order of Carmel. Each Order has its rule and spirit, but I prefer that Order which to an austere rule, joins a spirit of love. Each has its end, but I prefer that whose end is sustaining the church and converting sinners. Each has its characteristic means, but I prefer that whose means is prayer. Each has its advantages, but I prefer that whose advantages are those of solitude. Each has its glory, but I, while passing by in humility that whose glory is learning and with reverence that whose glory is silence and in rapture that whose glory is poverty, while (humbly) striking my breast before that whose glory is penance. I run to that whose glory, before all other glory, is the incomparable glory of love. I hasten to enter the family of Elias, of Teresa, of John of the Cross and of Magdalene of Pazzi, a family inflamed by divine love. I, a little straw picked up from the dust by the Redeemer, purified by His grace, prepared by His Charity. I entered into this Order, as into a burning furnace, to be quickly consumed for Him; thus to attain the end for which He had created me by the means which it was His pleasure to choose for me. That was my hope."

(From Sr. Marie Aimee of Jesus, who died in the odor of sanctity in Carmel of Paris, May 4, 1874)

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