Saturday, October 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

"My God, teach me that I have always somewhere to go to, that I have a home where I can be accepted for who I am no matter what I have done."
I was thinking hard of what to write tonight when I saw this line from my Daily Scriptural gadget on this blog. It made me think of "home." Home for me is Fairfield, NJ. It's there that I spend my days off, my holidays and maybe vacations too. It is there where I can relax and do things I normally enjoy doing: gardening, cooking, cleaning, decorating. But "home" is not just the physical place, it is also the spirit of belonging, the spirit of love and the giving of each other in mutual trust and confidence. I am lucky to have grown up in a real home and to have been given by God a second home where I can go to at any time,

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