Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain in New York

What an awful day to be out! Saint Teresa certainly sent down buckets of rain today! This is from a Saint who described the first stage of prayer as something like drawing water from the well with a bucket- it's laborious and yields fruits only with hard work. We had a wonderful Convent Mass, with singing, even though most of the Sisters were croaking from the effect of the cold! But we managed and it was a nice community celebration. I spent most of the day in the hospital accompanying a Sister who was admitted for her surgery in the morning. Do pray for her.
Today I had the joy of realizing how blessed I am to have been called to the Order of Carmel. It is true that the Good Shepherd leads us to the place where our soul finds the green grass of good pasture, if only we let Him. He knows the place that is good for us. I love my spiritual family and pray always that I may be made worthy of my vocation!

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