Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanks Be to God!

Since that vocation steering committee I attended two days ago, my brain has been on high gear about my new mission. I received encouraging responses from my FB friends about questions they would ask me if I was giving a vocation talk (you know who you are!). Now I just have to take time to sort them and create a flow-sheet of talk materials. Thank you all!
The next thing I dared to tackle was uploading our Vocation DVD into YouTube. Now, that was work! I didn't know how to begin and so I asked my FB friends again to come to my assistance. Margie Prox Sindelar came to my rescue and gave a link for me to check on how to upload videos. Thank you, Margie! I am very indebted. The uploading itself was not hard but our DVD was longer than what was permitted by YouTube. I worked from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am, trying to split the original in two parts. I implored our Lady to help me and every so often I glanced at her picture in my cell with a quiet prayer, "Please, Mary, help me finish this crazy thing!" I went to bed with no success. But early the next morning, I booted my computer and went through the process again, only this time I was working like I knew what I was doing! Somehow the insights and the trial and error from last night came together and next thing I knew, I finished it! Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Mary! I was so happy I called all the Sisters and blurted, "We're on You Tube!" And they looked at me in puzzlement, "We're on where?" After showing it to them, they were excited as I was!

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