Monday, November 16, 2009

Jesus Christ’s words are eternal amidst a creation ‘destined to end,’ Pope Benedict says

We are living in turbulent times. The battle between good and evil, life and death, is evident . Without faith, one is tempted to think that the evil one seems to be getting the upper hand. But we are people of the Resurrection, despite the ominous task before us in defending the moral values which define us as human beings, we stand our ground and live in hope that darkness will never prevail. After Jesus rose from the dead, he left these words to his disciples, "Do not be afraid, I have overcome the world!" The Holy Father's words to us during his Angelus Homily remind us once again of this hope. And so, wherever our place in this world may be, and whatever roles we may have been given, let us do our respective parts and carry on with the job of keeping this world sane as Christians are called to do, in peace, emotional sobriety, and enduring hope, in courageous allegiance to Jesus Christ.

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