Sunday, November 15, 2009

Be Vigilant!

The Mass readings today sound apocalyptic.  The Book of Daniel speaks of the apocalyptic vision.  The words of Jesus summon us to be ready, for we do not know the day nor the hour.  As we approach the end of the liturgical year 2009, we will hear more and more of the "end times."  I was watching Fox News last night and they had reviews of the coming Hollywood Movie "2012"- the End of the World.  It seems like people are fearful and anxious of  the events unfolding before us.  But let us not be thrown into a panic.  Let us just be prepared for our own ends, our parting from this world, more than anything else.  Sometimes with the way things are going, one wonders if it's not a good idea that Jesus comes back now!  Well, we all have to be ready.  Let us put our house in order and live the life we have now as best we can.  God will help us if we help ourselves.

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