Friday, November 14, 2014

Remembering Our Departed Carmelites

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November 15- All Carmelite Souls

The Carmelite Order celebrates the Commemoration of All Carmelite Souls November 15th.  It remembers with love all the men and women who have journeyed with us in this world and are now united with our Lord in the bliss of heaven.  By the bonds of baptism and the love of Carmel, we were united in following the path of fraternity along the way of Carmel, united in the love of its ideals and imitation of the virtues set forth by its Saints and Blesseds.  We entrust them now to the merciful love of God and pray that Mary, Carmel's Mother and Queen, intercede for them.  May their souls and all the faithful departed  through the mercy of God rest in peace. 


"Lord, You are the glory of those who serve you.  Look lovingly on our departed brothers and sisters, united in following Christ and His Mother by the waters of baptism and the bonds of Carmel.  In your mercy grant them everlasting sight of you, their Creator and Redeemer."

The Carmelite Sacramentary

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  1. Beautiful Post. Lovely prayer. I liked your post.