Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Names Given To Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary occupies a central role in the life of Carmel.  From the very beginning of the Carmelite Order, Mary has been present both in its life and history, documents and liturgy.  Her presence in the Order forms a bond which inspires and sustains every Carmelite of every century.  She is Mother, Sister, Patroness and Most Pure Virgin.  The following is an excerpt of a chapter written by Fr. Emanuele Boaga, O.Carm from his book "Our Lady of the Place: Mary in the history and life of Carmel."

"With the passage of time the Carmelites thought up tender expressions with which to speak about and to Mary.  Here follows a list, somewhat incomplete, of titles found in writings, songs and poetry from various periods and which make specific reference to the Order.  The titles which are common to the whole Church have been left out, those such as Star of the Sea, Splendor of Heaven, etc.

The Lady of the Place                    Star and Cedar of Carmel
Mistress of the Order                     Mother of the Carmelite Family
Abbess of Carmel                          Prioress of the Order
The Lady and the Creator of the Order
Mother of the Order
Foundress of the Order                   The Lawgiver of the Order
Virgin Most Pure                             Patroness of the Order
Princess of the Family of Elijah         First Born Sister
Queen of Carmel                             Head of Carmel
Guardian of Carmel                         Helper of Carmelites
Standard-bearer of the Army of Carmel
Sovereign Queen of Carmel
Mother of Carmel                       
Mother and Ornament of Carmel
Hope of Carmel                               Fruitful Virgin of Carmel
Virgin Flower of Carmel                   Flower of Carmel
Divine Testament                              Sweet and Divine Melody
Merciful Mother of Carmelites           Blossoming Vine
Most Serene Princess of Carmelites
Queen and Mother of  Carmelites
Sweet Virgin Mary                            Mother of Mercy
The Most Beautiful Star of Heaven    The Cloud of Carmel"

I love them all!

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