Monday, January 04, 2010

What Goes Up, Comes Down

Today is my last day of Christmas vacation and I will be returning to the convent tonight.  I have the house to myself and so it was an ideal time to start packing away the Christmas decorations.  Christmas is not really liturgically over until after the Baptism of Jesus which is next Sunday.  But since I only have men in the house, I don't think they will be inclined to clean up after I leave.  So, first the Christmas tree, then the garlands and nativity set, then little table figurines, and so on.  From this simple act, a thought came: "nothing lasts forever.  Even the simple packing up of decorations can be a lesson in letting go."  The euphoria of Christmas and vacation is now beginning to fade.  Soon we enter into a short period of ordinary time before we again enter into another celebration- the season of Lent.  This is life.. what comes, soon will go.. what goes up, comes down.  Only God remains unchanged. This is the lesson of celebrating the Church's liturgy.

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