Sunday, January 03, 2010

Pandora's Box

Spending some free time home, I decided to clean out my closet and sort out my  "memory box."  There are actually two boxes where I keep my treasured letters and notes.  I am not one for keeping letters (unfortunate!).  But somehow someone convinced me that I should, even for just a while,  and throw them out later.  This I have done.  It's amazing how wise this advice was.  I went through some letters and cards and I found some which gave me much consolations.  Some people just don't have the openness to tell you how they feel on a daily basis, and I kind of given up on them, deciding to let go.  This is true of both family and friends.  But reading cards written long ago, on birthdays and special holidays, I sensed that they really have not given up on me.  Somewhere between the lines of those cards and letters, one can sense that they care, even though unspoken, in their own ways.   Often times relationships are strained because we expect too much of the other.  It is a great grace to have the ability to be content with what is given us, no more, no less. To ask more of what the other cannot give is selfish.

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