Thursday, February 18, 2010

I was considering for a moment to "fast" from facebook.  But I had a change of heart.  I rather resolved that since people seems to gravitate to it, and many people possibly use this medium as a form of source for spiritual nourishment, that I would use it as a tool to share some of my Lenten reflections.  I would limit myself to posting rather than discussions.  Discussions on facebook can sometimes degenerate into useless war of words, or sometimes useless babbles.  "Useless" not because the topic at hand is not important, on the contrary, most of the links and talking points are relevant and current.  I mean "useless" because no one wants to lose and many like to have the last word.  It can be entertaining and sometimes we need to talk about light subjects.  Acting frivolous also has its place. But maybe not this Lent for me.  Let us think about noble things on this holy season, 'whatever is pure, whatever is noble, whatever is good.." think about these things says St. Paul.

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