Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I wonder what value there really is in blog writing.  Granted it's good for me because I'm doing something I enjoy.  I'm watching "Julie & Julia."  Do you like cooking? I do. I cook for a small group, maybe 3.  I cook when I'm home. Oh, just simple recipes from a recipe book.  I have very willing victims and the experience leaves me confident and available for more cooking.  I realize there is no point to this blog!  Is anyone reading this??


  1. yes.... i am reading and i believe you have to have faith... that you are writting for the good of HIS kingdom.... you may never know who reads or what your words echo in time...

  2. "Is anyone reading this??"

    I am.

    And I'm sure many others are too ... even if they don't leave comments. Of course, we all love comments on our Blogs; yet we never know. Someone, somewhere might just read what we say and get to know the love of Christ through what we have said.

    Keep Blogging.

    God bless.