Friday, April 16, 2010

I finally was able to get out today.  The weather in Avila was somber and a bit chilly with the sun trying to peek out every so often.  Three Sisters and myself went to the doctor's office and it was a great time for me to get to find places I will be frequenting like doctor's offices, outpatient laboratory, drug stores, etc.  Rhinebeck is a beautiful little town with quaint stores and bookstores.  I can see that I have to go back and spend time in them to really enjoy them.  On the way back to the convent, Sister decided to take me and the others on the back roads and it suddenly hit me that I am truly in farm country here!- We saw 5 elk, 6 ostriches, 6 buffaloes and many cows!  I should have brought my camera to post pictures on facebook!  And not to mention the beautiful scenery all around.  A far cry from the madness of the Cross Bronx!  God sure knows what he's doing.  He has taken me to a place where my soul can pasture and enjoy nature at its best.
Tomorrow will be a busier day since we are celebrating one of our Sisters 60th anniversary in Religious life.  I am taking things easy until next week when I begin learning my other job- Human Resources.

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