Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Carmel of Lisieux

Carmel of Lisieux To those who have not visited Lisieux in France (like myself) where St. Therese lived and died, this video will suffice for now.  I wish God would grant me the grace to visit her Basilica someday.  Therese is first of my Carmelite  friends.  She was the first one I "met" before I entered Carmel, even before John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, and Blessed Elizabeth.  I still remember how I devoured books I found on her.  I found her accessible, her teachings so down to earth, and her struggles so real and familiar.  Like many people around the world, I got hooked on Therese.  She, along with Mary, led me to enter Carmel.  I am greatly indebted to her.

The part on the video showing a gated sanctuary protecting the "body" of St. Therese, shows not the actual body of the Saint.  Saint Therese's body corrupted and only her bones remained.  Therese herself wanted it this way because she believed that part of the "little way" is the absence of anything extraordinary.  Being incorruptible is somewhat "extraordinary" according to her.  The statue in the sanctuary is a waxed representation containing her precious bones.

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  1. Dear Sister Helena,

    Thank you for writing about the Lisieux Carmel and about the influence of St. Therese on your life. For more about her, please visit my Web site at Since you especially want to visit Lisieux, see the page for many films. There is an excellent film about the Basilica in English by CatholicTV. with all good wishes, Maureen O'Riordan