Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Saint John Mary Vianney

Feast Day:  August 4
Patron of Parish Priests
"We cannot comprehend the power that a pure soul has over God. It is not the soul that does God's will, but God who does the soul's will." -- Saint John Vianney.

Born May 8, 1786 in Dardilly, near Lyon, in a family of farmers, Jean-Marie Vianney started preparing his priesthood when he was 20 with Father Balley, priest of Ecully. He was ordained in 1815 and became Curate in Ecully. He was then sent to Ars in 1818. As soon as he arrived, he made the church his home. Night and day, there he was, in front of the tabernacle, praying the Lord for his parishioners'conversion. Little by little, he revived their faith through his sermons but above all through his prayers and his lifestyle. He restored and embellished his church, formed an orphanage, La Providence, and took care of the poor. Very quickly, his reputation as a confessor drew to him many pilgrims seeking the pardon of God and the peace of heart.

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