Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This was me when I was a Novice (white veil).  Well, not really.. But it sure brings me back to the times when responsibilities were lesser and all I had to worry about was to learn- learn how to pray, talk, walk and eat like a nun, and getting to chapel on time.  Of course, I'm being funny because I learned more than these... or did I?


  1. How exactly does one walk and eat like a nun? :-)

  2. There were many things we did in the world we would never have thought twice of doing :) Religious life requires religious decorum. Legs crossed (modesty), no slouching when sitting (lack of mortification), custody of the eyes (modesty), no running (lack of recollection), being aware of your Sisters needs when together at table. Of course, I am talking about my postulancy and novitiate. I notice differently with our new novices .