Friday, May 10, 2013

Mary, My Mother

O Mary, how fortunate I am to call you mine.
My only treasure in this changing world.
Such tenderness... that is your name,
Your gentleness is unsurpassed!
My heart leaps up as I think of you!
And all my sorrows melt like the snow.
With filial longing I turn to you,
Upon your knees I pour out cares only you would know.

A bond between us in time was forged.
Infinite source of blessings untold!
Your eyes ever watchful to snatch me from dangers.
Your ears ever careful to hear silent whispers.
Your hands ever present to touch and to comfort.

My heart so delights in contemplating you.
To know that in heaven I have a Mother like you!
If they only know the love you have for men,
Like me, they too, will be proud of their claim.

When I was small I did not really know you,
To be the Mother you proved yourself to be.
With great solicitude you came and searched for me,
As you did with Jesus on that long journey.
How lucky I am that one day you found me,
That memorable July so imprinted in my memory!

Carmel! Oh how I love her!
To me, you embody my Queen and Lady.
You are forever my destiny, the lot God
Himself has marked out for me.

Deep in your bosom will I cling,
Forever hopeful of the promise you bring.
Deep in your thickets I will not shy away.
For with the thorns lie the beauty of the rose.

Carmel! Mary! To me you are one!
And for that simple reason, 
I am yours and you are mine.

Therese said it best with the heart of a child.
"Of heaven and earth, Mary is Queen,
But to me she is Mother, more than a Queen!"

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. How true it is that Our Lady is our dearest Mother who loves and protects us at all times! Thank you so much for this beautiful, wonderful blog Sister. May you be filled with so many many blessings and joy every day!