Friday, March 22, 2013

Too Young

I'm going to introduce my self a little bit first.
I'm 17 and have known that I'm going to be a nun for five years, in January 2008 I went on the March for Life in Washington DC and that's when I found that I'm called to join the Sisters of Life in New York City. One of the things that I would really like to have is people not telling me that I'm too young or that I should wait a while before I make a final choice. Also I just want my peers and older friends to let me be who I am and be fine with that. 

I know what you mean. I was twenty when I went serious with Religious life and entered at 23. Although 23 is not 17, still I had the same reaction you do. My parents were very much against it. I was so impatient that if it was a man I fell in love with, I would have eloped! But sometimes waiting is good for many reasons. It tests your resolve, it makes you grow in virtues, it tests you, it also gives you time to acquire whatever educational pursuits you may need to have to better serve God, especially if the Community you are entering will benefit from it. It is all for the good. On the other hand, if we don't fix our eyes on the goal and do not live according to the expectations befitting our deepest desire, one can lose a religious vocation. So I guess, simply put, live in the world for as long as God wills it, but live your life deeply aware of your desire to give yourself to Him in religious life. When the bride is ready, God will take her. I remember this very vividly when I couldn't enter the time I wanted. I went to the Chapel of the monastery in tears and told Our Lord, "I guess I'm not good enough for you yet. The bride is not ready. Your will be done. But I will return and keep myself for You." And God gave me the grace to keep my promise. 

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