Friday, March 22, 2013


When my friends learn that I'm on Facebook, YouTube and twitter, their eyes grow big and say: "Is that okay?"  They mean of course, is it okay since I am in religious life.  I sort of get different opinions and reactions from people.  I always explain to them that the reason I am is because I use them as avenues for communicating spirituality and religious life.  And it's the truth.  It is unbelievable how far we have come.  Although one can argue that the existence of these instant communications has not improved communication at all, it still remains a fact that technology has improved the means and speed we can send out messages.  So why can't one use a secular means for a spiritual end?  It is also true that the essence of spirituality has now changed since statistics show that people of all ages are more and more using the internet to either find spirituality or improve their spiritual life.  Our Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI himself issued statements to encourage the modern ways of cyberspace communication to evangelize the world.  I don't find anything wrong with this kind of evangelizing.  There are boundaries one should have to observe.  Internet time should never replace time spent together as community or as family.  It should not be a preoccupation which distracts one from other religious obligations such as actually going to prayer.  It should not be used for sounding off problems.  One of the attractions is the freedom it affords .  One is free to blog about anything.  Blogging is suppose to encourage individuality.  But the Christian principle of using our freedom not as a license to tear anybody or any group down should be constantly in our mind.  So my personal opinion is that if we remember that this is just a means to an end and not the end in itself, it is not unbecoming for me to use what we currently have.  Is this a way of justifying my  decision?  You decide!

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