Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Carmelite and The Priest

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The Holy Priesthood is a very special gift cherished by every Carmelite. It is a mystery that continuously yields deep and inspiring insights. Let us listen to Elizabeth's words and ponder them as we heed the call to rediscover the treasure we have of Christ's gift of the Priesthood. Together with this holy Carmelite, let us remember all those Priests who hold a special place in our lives and hearts and make Blessed Elizabeth's prayer our own:
"The priest's life and the Carmelite's life are an Advent, preparing the Incarnation in souls. Is not our mission also to prepare the way of the Lord? At His contact our soul will become like a flame of love spreading among all the members of the Body of Christ which is the Church. What power over souls has the apostle who always remains beside the fountain of living water! Then he can overflow on those about him without ever emptying his soul, because he is in communion with the Infinite! I pray a great deal for you that God may invade all the powers of your soul, that He may put you into the communion with the whole mystery, that everything in you may be divine and marked with His seal, to the end that you may be another Christ working for His Father's glory... I want to be an apostle with you from the depths of my beloved solitude in Carmel; I want to work for God's glory and for that I must be full of Him. Then I shall be all-powerful: a look, a wish, would become an irresistible prayer that would obtain everything, for one is, so to speak, offering God to God. May our souls be henceforth only one in Him, and while you carry Him to souls, I shall remain like Mary, silent and adoring at the Master's feet, asking Him to make your words bear fruit in souls. Carmelite or Apostle, it is all one... let Him be the life of our lives, the soul of our souls, and let us remain conscious of His divine action day and night."

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