Thursday, May 09, 2013

Heaven In Faith

32.  This is the measure of the holiness of the children of God: "to be holy as God, to be holy with the holiness of God", and we do this by living close to Him in the depths of the bottomless abyss "within".  "Then the souls seems in some way to resemble God Who, even though He delights in all things, yet does not delight in them as much as He does in Himself, for He possesses within Himself a supereminent good before which all others disappear.  Thus all the joys which the soul receives are so many reminders inviting her to enjoy by preference the good she already possesses and to which nothing else can compare." "Our Father who art in heaven..." it is in "this little heaven" that he has made in the center of our soul that we must seek Him and above all where we must remain.

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