Thursday, May 09, 2013

Heaven In Faith

24.  "Be holy for I am holy."  It is the Lord who speaks.  "Whatever may be our way of life or the clothing we wear, each of us must be the holy one of God."  Who then is "the most holy?"  "The one who is most loving, who gazes longest on God and who most fully satisfies the desires of His gaze."  How do we satisfy the desires of God's gaze but by remaining simply and lovingly turned towards Him so that He may reflect His own image as the sun is reflected though a pure crystal.  "Let us make man in our own image and likeness" such was the great desire in the Heart of our God.  'Without the likeness which comes from grace, eternal damnation awaits us.  When God sees that we are prepared to receive His grace, His generous goodness is ready to give us the gift that will give us His likeness.  Our aptitude for receiving His grace depends on the inner integrity with which we move towards Him    And then God, "bringing us His gifts," can give Himself, imprint on us His likeness, forgive and free us.

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