Thursday, May 09, 2013

Heaven In Faith

11. "You have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God."
St. Paul comes to bring us a light to guide us on the pathway of the abyss. "You have died!" What does that mean but that the soul that aspires to live close to God "in the invincible fortress of holy recollection" must be set apart, stripped, and withdrawn from all things" (in spirit). This soul "finds within itself a simple ascending movement of love to God, whatever creatures may do; it is invincible to things which "pass away", for it transcends them, seeking God alone."

12. "Quotidie morior," "I die daily." "I decrease, I renounce self more each day so that Christ may increase in me and be exalted; I remain very little in the depths of my poverty. I see my nothingness, my misery, my weakness; I perceive that I am incapable of progress, of perseverance; I see the multitude of my shortcomings, my defects; I appear in my indigence." I fall down in my misery, confessing my distress, and i display it before the mercy of my Master. "Quotidie morior" I place the joy of my soul (as to the will, not sensible feelings) in everything that can immolate, destroy, or humble me, for I want to make room for my Master. I live no longer I, but He lives in me; I no longer want to live my own life, but to be transformed in Jesus Christ so that my life may be more divine than human, so that the Father in bending attentively over me can recognize the image of His beloved Son in whom He has placed all His delight.

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