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life as postulant


Elizabeth entered Carmel in August 1901 at the age of 21. It was a painful parting because she loved her mother and sister very much. On the eve of her entrance to Carmel there was one who alluded to her musical talent. The person pointed out to Elizabeth how great a sacrifice it must be for her to give up playing the piano. But Elizabeth replied: "The only sacrifice is to leave my mother and sister." She faced many obstacles to come to this moment of total surrender to the call of Jesus to a life of sacrifice and intimacy in solitude and silence.
One of the Sisters who testified at Elizabeth's beatification stated: "She (Elizabeth) had hardly crossed the threshold of Carmel when she showed herself serene, calm and strong. The first words that she spoke to me were: "God is here! How present He is! How He envelops me!"

At the beginning of her Postulancy they asked her what her ideal of sanctity is? Her answer: To live by love.
When asked what is the quickest means of achieving it? Her answer: "To make oneself quite little and to surrender oneself without reserve."
When asked as to which defect she disliked the most? Her answer: "Egoism in general."
When asked what name she will have in heaven? Her answer: "The Will of God."
Elizabeth was happy in Carmel. She often repeated these words: "Carmel is Heaven."

Elizabeth as a Postulant was allowed to write letters to her family and friends on a monthly basis. This is one of her letters written 2 days after she entered Carmel to a her dear friend Francoise de Sourdon:

"If you knew how happy your Sabeth is, you couldn't cry anymore, but on the contrary, you'd be thanking God for me! You are wondering perhaps , how I can find so much happiness, since in order to enter this dear solitude I had to let go of those I loved. But you see, my darling, in God I have everything. Close to Him, I find once again all those I left. Ah! how I entrust my little Framboise to Him. I will always be her little mother, nothing will be changed between us, don't you see? Tell yourself that the grilles will in no way be a separation and that I'll always keep your place for you in my heart. ..... If you knew how good everyone is here... It seems like I've been among them for a long time..."

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