Sunday, July 19, 2009


I have been counting my days. August 1st is the start of my vacation and I am going to Cape Cod with my family. I can't wait! I don't have a list of activities but I am dying to go whale watching! I missed it last year because we had a larger group and it was kind of expensive. I am thinking of having a "praying-vacation", a time to get away and be quiet, with times to commune with nature and and at the same time to see sights. I'm a simple soul, I can enjoy anything as long as it's quiet and outdoors. God is good. If we have eyes to appreciate the beauty of this world, we would be happier and appreciative of everyday. It's not always easy because the tedium of daily concerns and demands from work come uninvited into our consciousness. That's why Jesus was right when he invited us to "come away and rest awhile." I hope you too find the time to get away and recapture the beauty of life. It doesn't have to be an elaborate grand affair or anything expensive. Just the right time and the right place with the right people. So, let the countdown begin!

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