Sunday, July 26, 2009

What's Cooking!

When people ask me, "What do you do when you're off? What relaxes you?" I often get a surprised look when I say to them, "housework! housework relaxes me!" I guess because being off means having a good time. Time to be lazy and time to be shopping or driving or whatever. Not tiring yourself. The point of a day off is to get off the load of work. But, yeah, cleaning the house and cooking, relax me. I like a clean house (you would too I imagine!). My early convent training had me programmed for this. My Novice Mistress used to impress upon us young recruits, "How can you expect to have a peaceful soul when your cells are in turmoil?" "Cleanliness is Godliness" is another one of those guilt-laced lines which get pulled on us. "Remember how when Jesus rose from the dead, the disciple found his burial clothes folded up!" I could think of many more other holy injunctions! And they work. When I'm home, my first order of things is to put everything in order and start cleaning the house.

I also like to cook and my cooking is passable. I'm a recipe-chef but I can also be creative and put whatever I find in the fridge to come up with a dish. I have plenty of recipe books and I am just now beginning to give them away and just keep a few. But it is very important to impress upon the reader that I do not enjoy cooking for a large group! Some people enjoy cooking just for the sake of cooking. Not me. I cook when requested and when I see the need. I'm just a small kitchen, small group pan fryer-sautee-baking-grilling kind of a cook. Plus I'm a homebody and I enjoy the privacy and quiet of the house and family. Now, you will ask, what is the point of this blog? Nothing, except to thank God that I can follow a recipe and make people happy!

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