Friday, September 04, 2009

"Hide and Seek"

When my heart is anxious You come to me. Putting on disguises that don't fool me!

.. An inspiring word found in a book reminds me well that God is truth.
.. The smiles and warmth of friends who care show me a Father who is always there.
.. Of human friendships and intimacy are reflections of God's love for me.
.. Some words of wisdom by someone dear enough to dispel unfounded fears.
.. The tranquil mood of the river across promises peace to patient endurance of the cross.
.. The soft gentle kisses of nature breezes remind me that God is full of tenderness.
.. The graceful swaying of old tree branches invites me to bend under God's loving wishes.
.. The sight of mountains big and tall makes me feel lost and so very small.
.. The open spaces of country around me which seem so desolate and lonely and yet not without their beauty, like an eager heart waiting for God's gracious bounty!

If I can only keep in mind how You play this game of "Jesus Hides" then I can see through all of life, when You choose to come in a hidden guise...

1 comment:

  1. This "game" has become familiar to me as well, for often when walking in nature or passing others I will later feel the Lord is asking, "did you see Me?" I then realize that He has been present with me in all things, and I am given to greater security in His love that surrounds us.