Tuesday, September 01, 2009

To Jesus My Spouse

To be a spouse of Christ
Is wonderful indeed.
The love I do receive
The love that I can give.
To know I am beloved,
Chosen and set apart.
I sat and paused to think,
On this my happy lot.
And then I realize hidden
meaning it imparts.
The day I took You for my Spouse
That happy day I took my vows.
To be with You in good and bad.
To share Your fame as well as shame.
To leave my all for You who's All.
I must admit this thought is much.
For someone weak, with fickle heart.
But faith dictates, I must believe,
You gave Your life for the very least.
With the Blessed Virgin at my side,
Who's always there to lead and guide.
To spur me on to live this life,
And bring me to Mount Carmel's heights.

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