Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Love's Call

A place deserted.. He walks alone. To find His place away from home. He turned around to search the crowd, I felt His gaze it seems to ask: "Is there someone who'll share the task?" I felt the prompting in my heart. These words of wisdom I learned to love: "Forget your own people and your father's house and let the God of beauty make Himself your Spouse." My family, oh how I love them! And some special friends I have come to know. Those special times we have shared together are precious memories I will always remember. The happiness you promise, it seems so far away! When darkness clouds one's spirit, the soul is fearful like a prey. It begins to question and earnestly pray to let itself be guided along the narrow way. And yet, deep down her heart she knows that, one has to pass Love's furnace as the Son of God did show..

(dedicated to all discerning a religious vocation)

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