Friday, October 02, 2009

Bear with me!

When I'm home I enjoy watching 48 Hours Mystery. I get sucked into the maze of suspicious events and characters and enjoy solving the mysterious murders or disappearances of X or Y. Sounds morbid? No, just a bit of CSI. Funny thing though is that I would never watch anything like that all by myself. I'll either have Dad or my brother with me so I can "diffuse" the tension and I don't end up absorbing all the suspense. Oh they'll sit there listening to my screams and enjoy watching me hide my face behind a throw pillow. But for the most part they will say, "you are crazy watching these programs!" I know it sounds crazy but it's fun too! The only problem is that I am very impressionable about these things. I remember faces and I dream of them sometimes! Yes, nightmares. As a result, I always make sure doors are locked and bolted and windows closed. I do it to be safe and sure but I imagine it can be a pain sometimes.

But wouldn't you know? As if I am looking to be justified, I watched Shep Smith tonight on Fox News at 7:00 pm reporting a story of a grandma who had the most unexpected visitor in her house- a bear and her cub! She proceeded to explain how she heard the door open and thought it was a family member with the family dog. When she went to investigate, she found the bear in front of her! She ran to her bedroom and had a pillow fight with mama bear, to no avail. She ran out of the house to tell her son who thought of her as gone crazy. When he went into the house to investigate, Mama bear and the cub showed up! The cops were called in and took control of the situation. See what I mean? You never know who's gonna walk into your house! Robber or bear.. hmm.

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  1. hahaha! we just watched the same clip on our local fox new station and were like "WHAT?!"

    still unsure how EITHER of them got in the house but it was something I figured would get all bungled up in some dreams of mine tonight! LOL