Saturday, October 03, 2009

"Funny" comes handy!

Ms. Rose posted a notice on the board. An hour later, Ms. Thorny called on the phone, informed Ms. Rose that the sign on the board was wrong, it needed to be changed. Ms Rose went through the process of explaining the details. And all Ms. Thorny could say was, "oh well, I didn't understand it that way! Anyway, it's done. You'll have to post another one." And Ms. Rose smugly retorted, "well, maybe if you mind your own business, there won't be any confusion!"

The heavy rains came, the skies were dark. What a dreary day! I posted on my facebook status, "looking for a good laugh!" And sure enough two Good Samaritans offered their services. Then Dad told me on the phone, "Funny Girl is on TCM." So I tuned in. I have forgotten the story line. But between the Good Samaritans and Fanny Brice, my spirit was lifted up. Yep, funny comes handy.

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